A Tale Of Two Cities 8th - 12th April 2014


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A Tale Of Two Cities
the musical

A Tale Of Two Cities Cast

Principal Cast Profiles for our production of 'A Tale Of Two Cities' can be viewed from the links below.

Graeme Walton - Sydney Carton | Steven Berry - Charles Darnay | Ed Turner - Barsad
Andy King - Ernest Defarge
| Anthony Smith - Dr Manette |
Steve Norman - Jerry Cruncher
Paul Maddison - Mr Lorry | Nicky Tones - Stryver | Clark Adamson - Marquis St. Evrémonde
David O'Donnell - Gaspard | Guy Lawes - Attorney General | Steve Hill - Jacques
Geoff Knott - President of Tribunal & Gabelle | Rob Gair - Turnkey | Peter Lynn - Crony 1
Tom Hobbs - Crony 2 & French Peasant

Katy Walton - Lucie Manette | Shireen Hamlani - Madame Defarge | Nikki Hellmuth - Miss Pross
Michelle Hood - Mrs Cruncher | Rebecca Turner - Seamstress

Abigail Ferguson - Luci as a Child
| Gracie Peacock & Heidi Walton - Young Lucie
Rebecca Clark - Girl in the Prison | Kameron Milton - Young Gaspard | Jack Walton - Choir Boy

Full Cast | A Tale Of Two Cities


The Company

Alison Banks, Emma Barthel, Denise Beckford, Clare Botone,
Liz Cairns, Elizabeth Clapham, Peter Clapham, Rachel Coleman, Doreen Cothay,
John Cuckson, Janet Dixon, Mike Dixon, Christine Dobbie, Linzi Downing,
Charlotte Fairbairn, Charlotte Ferguson, Catherine Finn, Rob Gair, Karen Gallagher, Anne Gatherar, Katy Haggart, Richard Hall, Steve Hill, Steph Hitch, Tom Hobbs, Michelle Hood, John Hunt, Sarah Jackson, Geoff Knott, Mike Langthorne, Guy Lawes, Peter Lynn,  Catherine Marsden, Delia McNally, Sharon Milton, Sue Morl, David O’Donnell, Louisa Robinson, Sue Robinson,
Audrey Robson, Derek Smith, Joan Spence, Nicky Tones, Rebecca Turner, Sarah Watson,
Emily Wood, Jade Worthy


Rebecca Clark, Abigail Ferguson, Kameron Milton, Jack Watson


Reeds: Sue Ferris, Judith Rousseau, Catherine Freeman & Jackie Catchpole;
French Horn: Chris Senior; Trumpets: Alex Lewis & Gordon Marshall;
Trombone: John Flood; Keyboards: Mark Thompson & Martin Dack;                  
Percussion: Malcolm Dick & Simon Ferry;
Violins: Julia Boulton & Vince Fleming; Cello: Peter Richardson;
Double Bass: Duncan Brown

A Tale Of Two Cities | Durham Musical Theatre Company

Anyone who is interested in taking part or helping backstage in future productions should contact the Production Secretary: Ruth Ball (telephone: 0191-3868227) for further information. Alternatively, send us your details on our contact page.

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